It’s true, even Akira Toriyama ain’t thrilled with the new Dragon Ball Super show. In fact he apparently rewrote one of the movies, the script was so bad (if comments are to be believed it was Resurrection ‘F’).

That’s a shame. I haven’t hated it the way many people have, but I’m also not a super hardcore fan either. I’ve found many positives in the show, mostly how it fleshed out the movies and answered some pretty big plot holes. And man, that Beerus / Goku fight was sooo much better.

But anyway! That’s for a review later down the line on my Patreon account. To sum it up I have enjoyed Super, though I haven’t finished the Golden Frieza arc yet so I’m a bit behind. And yes, the animation is indeed on the shitty side at times, but I can live with it because I’m sure they’ll fix it on the Blu-Ray release.