If you’re curious to see a bigger version of Sera, head over to Facebook by clicking the icon on the upper right of the page. But onto what I wanted to talk about…

Well, the Kansas City convention scene sure is getting interesting.

We have three anime conventions: Naka-Kon (the big one, averaging around 2,400 people EDIT: I meant 7,700. Where the hell did I get 2,400 from?!), Motaku (the smaller one, usually around 800 people), and Ahn!Con (a yaoi convention. Dunno the numbers on that one).

Motaku is taking 2015 off so the creators / owners of the con can get married. Yet we will not be deprived of a convention: a new one called Sausome-con will happen in June, and it looks to be sliding into Motaku’s place. In fact it shares some similarities, such as being in the same venue as previous Motakus and featuring some of the same yearly guests (Samurai Dan, for example).

So my question was: what happens to Motaku in 2016? Is it gone? Do we now have THREE conventions?! According to the Sausome-con guy, while he couldn’t give details Motaku looks to be changing into something else. After some of the discussion that popped up last year regarding adult content, I’m wondering if they might be going to a strictly 18+ show. But that’s pure speculation.

Definitely a lot of changes, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of it. It’s possible it could end up being something I’m not interested in, but that’s okay. I have no interest in Ahn!Con, but I like that anime fans in our anime that ARE interested have that option. The growing attendance and continued creation of events such as this are a good sign to me that we have a strong anime community, which will hopefully grow into other avenues, such as more anime stores, groups, other events (such as concerts), etc.

That makes me happy.