Over the weekend I did two things: worked on comic stuff and got addicted to Twitch streaming. One of those things was productive and the other was not.

Hey, so what I said Friday about tomorrow’s comic possibly being late because I’ll be at a Royals game? The comic is done, so there will be no delay! Wooo!

Before I get to Monday’s anime video, there is actually something else I want to talk about. Well, I’ll let Becky tell you…



As you may know if you’ve stumbled about the site, I have a couple of online ‘stores’ at Bonanza, one being anime related. The store was already pretty well stocked, but a third thing I did over the weekend was add over fifty anime import items! And because I’m feeling good about that (and kinda would like to take care of my medical expenses I’m still paying), I’ve decided to throw a sale!

If you see anything in the booth you would like, add it to the cart. When you check out, use the promotional code “ANIMECLUB” to receive 15% off everything! Even better, if you get $50 worth of stuff you’ll automatically get ANOTHER 10% off, for a potential of 25% off your order. That’s nuts!

Please note that while it will charge shipping on each item, I DO COMBINE ON SHIPPING. There’s a weird glitch with Bonanza that I don’t know if it ever got fixed that was giving wrong shipping amounts. You can either let me know the items and zip code and I can give you a shipping total or you can pay for the items and I’ll refund the unused portion via PayPal (sorry, I know it’s inconvenient!).

Anyway, please feel free to check the stuff out. This code will remain valid all this week until next Monday’s update.

Aaaaanyway, here’s your Monday video!