Also, there’s a really nice boat.

If you have no idea what this comic is about, look up ‘School Days’. The game in particular seems to have a lot of disturbing ‘bad’ endings, and the anime didn’t shy away from that either. This was also the anime that spawned the ‘Nice Boat’ meme due to the last episode essentially being pulled in favor of thirty minutes of footage of a boat floating with background music.

If you don’t mind spoilers, you can learn a bit more about it at its Wikipedia entry and you can see the anime’s ending on YouTube. Don’t watch it at work.

Aaaaanyway, next week will be a new storyline! We’ve had one introducing everyone and we’ve had one focused on Becky and Tiffany, so this next one will focus on Celeste and Lee.

Depending on your opinion on things, it might make you mad.

Sorry. Doing it anyway.