Sorry for the delay (well, only a couple of hours, but still) in getting the comic up, but I was working on a piece of extra artwork I wanted to include with this update.

Before getting into that, first thing’s first: with Christmas this week, I just wanted to say updates WILL continue as normal. So yes, there will be a comic on Christmas day. I know some cartoonists take time off around holidays, but at least for this year with the comic being new I won’t do that (I don’t like doing it normally anyway, but I make no promises about future holidays).

Also, there won’t be an anime-related video linked in the comic today, as I’d like to talk about the storyline and the cosplay designs.

So anyway… AniBushidoCon! It’s finally here!

I’ve been drawing this storyline since mid-November, and it’s been a blast. I’ve had the enjoyable task of designing cosplay for most of the cast, which I’ll be posting to DeviantArt as they are introduced (you can see Becky’s ‘Battle Athletes’ cosplay design by clicking here). It was fun and challenging coming up with ideas that fit the personalities of some, while others were more guilty pleasures.

This one is one of those. Becky is dressed as Akari Kanzaki from the anime series ‘Battle Athletes’. It’s no secret of my love for the show; I even run a website (sorely needing updating) for it at The chance to introduce the show into my comic in some form was hard to resist, and Becky seemed like the logical choice.

Perhaps the most fun has been Celeste’s cosplay, which really stands out in the comic. But you will get to see that one tomorrow…