Hey, all!

This is the last week of the ‘AniBushidoCon’ storyline. It has been a long one. Next week will be the solo strips, then we’ll start another storyline focused on Becky (one that’s much shorter this time).

Thanks for your patience in the build up and execution of this storyline. A lot happened in these strips, probably a lot more than you realized. ‘AniBushidoCon’ actually kicks into motion several future plot points, some that will see fruition sooner rather than later and others that may not be for a long, long time. Have fun going back and trying to see what leads where!

I’m thinking the future ‘AniBushidoCon’ storylines (oh yes, there will be more. A con usually is once a year, after all) will probably work the same way: deal with important plot points, introduce new elements to the series, and possibly even dictate the future direction. It’s a big enough story it seems proper to give it that kind of importance.

But anyway, we’re near the end. Only four more to go, then we’ll see how things play out. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you didn’t… uh, sorry. I tried!

Anyway, here’s your Monday anime video (well, it deals with anime at some point. It’s tied together. WATCH IT, OKAY? IT’S FUNNY. It’s also probably NSFW. Just in case):