I promised details of the Magic pre-release tournament, so here we go!

First of all, it was a small comic shop and everyone was nice. Only eleven people signed up which means less chance of catching up if you get buried, but I was cool with it since it also meant less people to deal with. It would have been nice to win the box of cards, but I was there mostly for the experience.

I chose the green Planeswalker for my cards, which actually didn’t get me much that was useful. The booster packs, however, helped out a lot. Besides getting green cards that would give me a chance, I also nabbed a Liliana Planeswalker! I unfortunately did not have enough black cards to work her into the deck, but that card alone pays for the entrance fee so it was worth getting. I figured flyers might be a factor and with no flyers in green, I ultimately opted for white as my secondary color (I was tempted to mix in blue because I had a decent amount of counter spells, but not enough flyers there).

My first opponent was nice but seemed WAY too into Magic. He was incredibly serious about the whole thing. He was visibly frustrated when I took out his Liliana Planeswalker then immediately an enchantment he had been relying on, and quickly conceded the game shortly after. Our second game easily went to him, and our third game ended in a tie due to time running out. Had we just a little more time I’m pretty certain I would have won with the way the game was going. Alas, my record was 1-1-1 instead.

The second round was against my cousin, which actually helped a lot with me relaxing and not worrying about saying or doing something stupid. I’m so used to trash talking him I slipped right into that mode and had a lot more fun. The first game I was thwomping him, getting him down to one life point, when he suddenly found a scary combo that starting hitting me for nine points a turn. It was only because he made a mistake that immediately ended the game that I won. The second game he easily won, and the third we, again, ended in a tie due to time. So I was 2-2-2.

The third opponent was a nice guy who loved trickery in his games, and played with a red deck. And let me tell you, he DESTROYED ME. Two games in a row of utter destruction. I never felt like I had a chance. Meanwhile my cousin was dealing with some guy who was skirting the rules of being a complete distraction (and downright rude) during his turns. After that I was 2-4-2.

The fourth opponent, and the last because most people had left, had not won a single hand all night. His luck changed with me. I lost both rounds, but it was competitive unlike my previous annihilation. I ended the night 2-6-2.

So I didn’t finish last but nowhere near first, though they did give us a free pack of ‘Origins’ cards so I still walked away with something. It was an interesting experience I’d like to try again in the future, though I might be smarter about my color selection. I picked green because I wanted to be sure I could get plenty of mana, which worked, but I lacked enough trickery to really get far. Next time, though, I’m thinking blue or red.

And now you know how big of a geek I’ve become. It’s like I’ve reached my Saiyan God mode, but in geekery instead.