I’m not dead, but it felt like I was.

I’m sorry for the string of missed updates and silence (other than the occasional tweet). I’ve been pretty sick for the past three weeks. Between working while sick, coughing non-stop, and being worn out every night from it, I’ve been unproductive.

That isn’t to say I haven’t been working. I’ve worked on the comic every single night. I’ve worked on the SAME COMIC EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I’ve been so sick, though, that I couldn’t get very far.

But I think I’m better. I gotta get back into a rhythm but I think I’m better. In fact this comic was supposed to go up Friday but, funny enough, a power outage stopped me two hours before. Fate was not havin’ it.

So I’m back. Sorry for everything. Hopefully it all gets back to normal now that I’m not dying.