But before we get into that, a reminder that THERE WILL BE A COMIC SATURDAY to make up for missing Wednesday’s update. So be sure to check back.

Anyway, story time…

A few years back my anime club got together and cosplayed at Motaku as an Jigglypuff Awareness group, preaching the horrors of Jigglypuff and asking people to help stop it. We had flyers, protest signs, a chant we annoyed people with at the con… the whole nine yards (this, by the way, was also the first time I ever cosplayed. Not something I’d do on my own, and I’ve only done it to help a group of people).

So that was a thing we did. We got attention, including some shout outs from the voice actors at panels. Then on Saturday, some of our group signed up three of us for the cosplay contest (without telling us because they are jerks who like to watch me SQUIRM ON STAGE). *ahem* So anyway, we were entered into the contest so we got ushered into the green room to wait for our turn.

As we waited, a stranger walked up to the three of us with a puppet in his hand. It was part of his cosplay, though I can’t remember what exactly. I know the puppet was well constructed and his whole schtick worked. As he walked up, he quietly commanded me to hold up my protest sign. I was naturally confused, but he kept insisting until I finally did it.

With my sign blocking anyone’s view of us, he lifted up his puppet, grabbed the head, and tilted it forward, revealing a hidden compartment IN THE PUPPET. And inside the compartment was a bottle of alcohol. Whether it was whiskey or something else, I’m not sure, but there was no doubt what we were looking at.

And he said, “You want some?”

At which point all three of us politely declined. Not that I normally pass up drinking unknown liquids from a stranger’s puppet, but I felt it best to pass this one time.

I don’t know if the other guys remember this but it’s certainly a clear memory for me. I’ve had some other strange experiences at cons, but that easily tops the list.