If you aren’t aware, I have a website called Nexusanime.com. I’ve had it forever (it was, in fact, the first URL I bought some 10-15 years ago), with original plans on opening up an anime store and using that name.

Those dreams never panned out, but I kept the site anyway, though it languished for years. It occasionally saw some activity as I found one use or another for it, but it mostly continued without direction.

Since I started Toshokan Anime Club I made it a goal to do more with Nexusanime.com. When this site launched so too did a rebranded version of Nexusanime.com, which is now a hub for all of my creative works. It’s a little sparse right now, but the idea was it would be the place I would upload small mini-series comics and other projects that did not warrant buying a URL for (hey, that can add up, and I’m already paying for four of them!).

I bring this up because I’ll be adding new and old projects to the site, and I’ve found a bit of time to add one of the latter.

If you head over to the site you will find a link for Anime on Crack, a series of random comics using screen shots from different anime (or you can click here). Yes, the name is terrible. Yes, there are only five comics. No, I am unlikely to update it again, though you never know.

In any case, I wanted to get them up on an official home rather than have them float around the Interwebs randomly. They are probably NSFW, so be aware, and being from 2007 they are certainly dated. But hey, it’s something I made so I might as well post it, eh?