Welcome to another glorious Monday!

With the comic back I’ve been thinking about the future and how to get the word out, get some Patreon use, etc. So maybe you guys can help me:

I would like you to think about Patreon. What would it take from me to get a single dollar donation each month? Would early access to updates do it? Pin-ups? What can I give you that you of value for your one dollar?

I tried a few things before with Patreon but no one bit, so I’m turning to you directly to see what would entice you.


Where should I advertise? I’ve tried Project Wonderful and I’ve tried using social media (particularly Twitter and Facebook). Lately I’ve dipped my toes into IMGR. I can easily get traffic bumps but getting people to stick around is the issue. So how do you think is best to get the word out on the comic? What do you think I need to do to get over that hump and reach a new audience?

None of this determines the future of the comic but getting these two areas up certainly helps a lot. If I can generate traffic and some income it helps ensure I can pay hosting costs in the future. If I can get some Patreon members that makes me obligated to provide content for you guys (which I would love to be in that position).

So please, your feedback would be extremely helpful. The less time I spend on useless tactics means more time towards the comic.