Yeah, I’m going to be posting a few more times on the Royals. Sorry about that, but, y’know… still gonna happen.

I became a Royals fan in 1998. I went to a LOT of bad games in the last few years (at least twelve games per season for 3-4 years) and seen a lot of terrible seasons. I still bought the merchandise, I still bought the tickets, I still followed them every season (even when I swore them off). Heck, one of my most prized possessions is a ripped up Royals jacket I bought at Sports Nutz during a time I had no business spending money. I’ve been more devoted to the Royals than any other team, including the Chiefs at their best. I love the Chiefs, but I bleed blue. The Royals are important to me for many reasons.

In the past two seasons I’ve only been to one game thanks to lack of money (and people to go with). I know it’s beyond my control, but I think I’ll always kick myself for going to so many bad seasons but nearly completely missing the great ones. I don’t know if next year will be better, but I’ll keep trying.

I’ve waited so long for this, I’m desperately looking at every possibility to afford a World Series ticket, despite how completely and totally irresponsible it is financially. I. Don’t. Care.

This is the year. This doesn’t feel real, and I don’t think it’s totally sunk in. But I know this…


Holy. Crap.