Sorry, I don’t actually have merchandise for the webcomic for sale… yet.

The comic is still growing and hasn’t reached an amount of readers to justify merchandise for it. However, if you’re still interested in supporting me (besides simply visiting the site to read the comic, which is an awesome show of support!), I do have some online stores you can visit.

Nexus Anime – My Bonanza Anime Store / Booth: Here I sell all sorts of previously owned and new anime items. Usually it has roughly 400-500 items, so there’s plenty to see. The vast majority of it is imported from Japan and the booth carries plushes, cels, figures, collectibles, and more.

King Collectibles – My Bonanza Non-Anime Store / Booth: Okay, okay, I know. Stop laughing at the name. Anyway, this booth features the NON-anime items I have for sale, so anime fans don’t have to sift through stuff they aren’t interested in, and vice versa for non-anime fans. It features various items, but mostly focuses on vintage nostalgia merchandise and various fandom stuff. Anything vintage is mostly previously owned (but highly collectible!). It features board game replacement pieces, Club Nintendo stuff (R.I.P.), toys, plushes, video games, trading cards, etc.

The booths might not let you, but I do combine on shipping so anything extra will get refunded (sorry, that part has been a fight to get worked out). And of course that applies for both booths if you want to buy something from each.

So if you want to support me and the comic, buying things from these two online stores helps far more than you know!