Hey, so… the comic. And the not updating thing. And being totally silent for about a month. About that…

So here’s where I’m at: I have put everything into the webcomics I do. They may not be the best but it isn’t for lack of effort. This usually means non-stop work, using every waking moment, spending hours on comic stuff until I fall asleep.

This was also done at the expense of my own health. I don’t eat right… I scarf down whatever is quick to give more time to work on comics. I don’t exercise… you don’t move much sitting at a desk drawing. I don’t sleep right… gotta push those all nighters to avoid missing deadlines.

But because of this my health is taking a hit and I need to get myself right. With a full time job and this being a full time job, sadly the one that doesn’t pay me (actually costs me money) is going to take the hit.

So I’m going to take time to focus on getting myself healthy, which means things are kind of on hiatus right now. This doesn’t mean I won’t be working on comics in the meantime. It means I won’t be breaking my back (and health) to get five up a week.

I’ll keep working at a reasonable pace behind the scenes while working on my health. When I can regain that balance I’ll be back. Hopefully it won’t be too long so watch Twitter to follow my progress.

Thanks y’all.