No foolin’!

I was going to bring it back THIS Monday but, y’know… life. This also means I lied when I said it would be back in June. I did my best!

So I am going to foolishly try to bring it back at 5 days a week, inf only because this storyline is so long if I didn’t do that it would take a solid five months to complete. Let’s not do that.

But yes, check back this Monday after Sausomecon is over and there will be a shiny new storyline for you guys.

By the way, guess where I’ll be this weekend? Here:

I’ve been asked to do panels on puppet making and my webcomic! So on Saturday at 4pm I’ll be doing a Puppetry & Puppet Making Workshop (you get to make your own sock puppet!) and on Sunday at 10am I’ll do a panel on Toshokan Anime Club and my experiences making webcomics.

If you’re going to be at the con this weekend please feel free to stop by and say hi!