Still working on new strips, but I’m close to being ready to color them. I just have three more to draw.

Oh, and hey, I’ll be a guest at the anime / geek convention Sausomecon on June 30th to July 2nd! I’ll be doing a panel on the webcomic as well as a workshop on puppetry & puppet making. I’ve done the puppet making thing before but this is my first time doing a panel about the comic so that should be fun and nerve wracking.

While you wait on new content I thought I’d try something new that I’ll (hopefully) be able to keep up with during updates. I’ve been trying to make an effort to stay caught up with new episodes of things as they come out so I thought I’d give my thoughts.

Spoilers follow, of course, for new shows this week.


Dragon Ball Super Episode 94:

I am still super (HAH) annoyed at the Buu situation but am okay with the new team member, and the tease for what will likely be a full episode fight next week was fun. But other than picking up Frieza and 17 and 18 reuniting, not a whole lot happens. We are in full “drag out episodes” mode that DBZ was known for, so now that they’re ready to head off to the tournament I’m sure it will be another fifteen episodes of feet draggin’ before they do.

I am curious to see if there will be any consequences for Universe 9’s attempted interference. I doubt it but it would be interesting to use them as an example of how serious the stakes are in this while also cutting down the insane number of combatants we’ll be seeing. Plus, hey, we’ve already seen these guys fight in the pre-tournament so they are expendable.

Attack on Titan Episode 36 (Season 2, Episode 11):

I’ve been really bad about keeping up with shows but AoT Season 2 has been on my radar since day one.

Anyway, we last left the gang with Ymir kidnapping Christa, joining up with the other special titans, and trying to get away with Eren. Also, Christa swallows titan spit. Gross.

What proceeds is the most ridiculous argument between the two that I guess is supposed to be played off as serious. But it’s so ridiculous I don’t care. I still enjoyed it.

And freakin’ Erwin, man, using quick thinking by bringing the regular titans to the fight. The special titans are tired, cornered, and in no position to deal with forces on all sides.

This episode had a LOT packed into it, including a few things I’ll hold off on discussing because you really should see it for yourself. But it was a very good episode.

One thing, though: holy cow Christa’s eyes are insanely huge. I mean, they always were but her being all bug eyed here has them reaching new anime eye-size levels.

Boruto: Epsiode Who Cares:

Look, man, I’m trying. I was late to the Naruto Train so I figured I would jump into Boruto from episode one. I got to episode three. It’s on Episode 10, which, wow, I had no idea I got behind on it that much. But the show just does not excite me. It feels like a chore trying to watch it.

I’m going to keep giving it a go but it keeps moving down on my To Watch list.