I’ve certainly neglected this place, haven’t I?

I think I explained this before but my ‘break’ to get caught up on the comic was supposed to be just a week or so. Then I started getting caught up on other things, and before you know it six months have passed! It was needed but not my intention.

But I have a script for AniBushidoCon 3 done. I’m drawing as we speak. I expect the comic will start updating this month or (more likely) next month.

So, things are picking up again soon! The comic will return with the M-W-F schedule for the time being, but considering how long this storyline will take we’ll see about maybe making an exception and doing it five days a week for a while. It just depends how far ahead I get.

In the meantime here is a character sketch of Otaku Dave’s cosplay for this storyline. I’ll be sure to post more as I get them done and I’ll give you an official return date once I’m sure.

Thanks for your patience, everyone!