And neither is the comic. I’m just on break. A bit longer than I expected, but a needed one.

Things got busy last year and I was always getting comics done at the last second, not having energy to do them, blah blah blah. I cut down to three days a week in part because real life was getting in the way of getting that many comics done.

During the last storyline I struggled quite a bit to get those last few weeks done. I crawled over the finish line, not sprinted. And so I decided to take a week off to get the next storyline (a big one) properly written.

But I wasn’t feeling funny. I was having a rough go making jokes work, I hadn’t had time to watch new shows to come up with more material, and unlike previous storylines where I could power through writer’s block, this one wasn’t happening.

So I started working on some back projects (for myself and other people) that have been on the back burner because the comic ate up all my time. And as I got these done I felt a little less stressed and decided it was time to devote more attention to them.

So that’s the deal. I’m getting a lot of stuff done, and when I have enough done I’ll get back to this. I only have under a hundred readers so it isn’t like I have money on the line (this comic costs waaaay more in hosting than I get from ads or anything), and those of you who ARE reading deserve fresh ideas. This little break will help me do that so when I do come back, I’m not just forcing humor or ideas.

So give me another month or two, and I’ll get back to it. And sorry for going silent on you without an explanation!

–J.M. Bond