Sorry guys, fell asleep. I guess I’m getting old. Anyway, I’ll finish this later. I just wanted to make sure you had some kind of comic for today.

EDIT 7-15-2016:
Okay, it is pretty clear now… I’ve got an update problem.

I’m not going to make the update today because, yes, I FELL ASLEEP. Maybe I’m becoming an old man, or maybe I’m just taking on too much. But clearly I’m working too much on the edge, especially when it comes to May through July, the busy time of year for me.

My original plan was to wait until this storyline was over and change the schedule next time, but clearly this is going to be an ongoing thing, so here’s where we’re at: Monday I’ll post two updates, then one on Wednesday and one on Friday. And we’ll go to a M-W-F schedule from that point on.

I actually have a lot more to say on this, why I had the schedule the way I did, and what I’ve been working on that hopefully will bring views to the comic that I was HOPING to show you today (it’s out there… I just need to link to it). But I’ll give a longer more proper run down Monday.

Thanks for your patience, guys!