Wow, hey, look at that. It only took me until 2pm to get four comics done.

Sorry guys. So far my computer has been stable since Tuesday, so here’s hoping these delays are done. But just to give you an idea of my typical schedule, let me run through it with you:

In the morning I get up about an hour before work, get ready, skip breakfast, and head there for eight hours. When I get back, I eat dinner then start working on the comic all night, usually 4-6 hours depending on the day. I usually go to sleep around 3am regardless of how early I need to be at work, so I average between 4-5 hours of sleep per night (some nights three hours if I’m behind). On the weekend I usually crash, but I work on comics all day. If I hang out with friends, I usually bring paper so I can at least draw strips to color when I get home.

And this doesn’t count the other stuff I do for other people, like making props for my storytelling at work, running the social media account for a clown club my parents are in (long story), including filming and editing their videos, etc.

I do not have a lot of free time. Ever. It’s one reason I stopped playing video games altogether and I only get to watch TV while I’m coloring the comic (video on one screen, comic on the other). And if I can’t pay attention to the screen I listen to audio books and podcasts.

So… fun! But I do it because I enjoy making the comic, though it does mean I occasionally just crash from over exhaustion. So anyway, sorry for the delay and I HATE updating for strips at once, but they are done and after I go to the store I’ll start on next weeks. I just wanted to give you an idea of why I sometimes miss a deadline, especially in this past month. The computer issues did not help at all.

See ya Monday!