Well, Naka-Kon is officially behind us. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t totally into it this year. People I normally hang with couldn’t go, I never ran into others who were there, and flying solo kinda sucks. I didn’t bother with Saturday at all because almost nothing on the schedule was appealing (it wouldn’t have been worth the trip for the few I cared about), though Sunday had some nice panels (I love Three Trails Taiko, though. I’ve booked them for the library before and they always do an amazing job). Still, what I did go to was enjoyable but I didn’t stay too long. Maybe I’m just getting old?

But now it’s time to look forward to Sausomecon, which was awesome last year. Going into its second year, it looks to be even better.

Anyway, I talked about this on Twitter a little but I probably would have had more fun had I cosplayed. The couple of times I was dragged into cosplaying actually were fun because people are more inclined to interact with you and you kinda become part of this larger group. For me, though, it feels weird. I’m not in my 20s anymore and even though I essentially do a form of cosplay for my storytelling at schools, that’s more of a performance. This is one reason doing it didn’t bother me when I was asked to help with a Pokemon panel; it was performing. But without doing an act, just walking around in a costume… it just feels weird for me personally. I feel too old for that. Which is dumb as hell because not one person at the con would care at all, but that’s a weird little hang up I have.

So maybe next time. If I have time maybe I’ll ignore that nagging little quirk of mine and just let go and go full cosplay.

But no Kill la Kill. I could never pull it off as well as Lee did. I frankly do not have the legs for it.