Hey guys! We’ve got several milestones to talk about.

First, that’s the end of this storyline… Next week will be stand alone gag strips before we get into the next storyline, which is the prelude to AniBushidoCon 3. It is written and just waiting to be drawn.

Second, this is the comics 500th strip! That’s kinda a big deal! My other comic managed to get to 670+, but that had a shorter update time and took about four or five years to do. So getting to 500 strips in two full years is a big accomplishment for me. I know these last few months have been rough update-wise, but we got through it and I think doing the three-updates-per-week thing for a while will help. So far I haven’t missed or delayed any updates since doing this (except for one, but that was necessary to have this end on a Friday).

Third, I didn’t even realize it but last Thursday was the comic’s second year anniversary! On August 4th, 2014, the comic officially went live. It feels like it’s been a lot longer than that, but I guess five updates a week will do that to ya.

AniBushidoCon is also a big deal for the comic itself, as traditionally each year it’s the comic’s big “event” story that lays the groundwork for future storylines, characters, and big changes in the comics. Some of those set up in AniBushidoCons 1 & 2 have played out while others were set up but are still dormant. I expect AniBushidoCon 3 to continue this, helping shape some of the storylines for the coming year or two. Speaking of which, Once I finish writing it I’ll have to plan that out. If you have any suggestions of topics, tropes, etc. that you’d like to see tackled in the comic, leave a comment and I’ll see what I can! I have plenty of storylines planned but I’m always looking for new things I may have missed to incorporate into this world.

And finally, thank you guys for reading. The comic doesn’t have a huge audience but, dammit, you’re loyal, and I appreciate it. Even when it goes quiet and no one comments, I see those hits jump on update days and know you’re out there reading my stuff. It really does help keep me motivated to provide you with as much content as I’m able.

(Oh, speaking of other content, I’ve been fighting issues with the video editing program, so I didn’t get a YouTube video up this week. I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel so hopefully by Sunday this review will be done. Otherwise I’ll upload something else)

Thanks guys, and I hope you stick around and enjoy Year 3! Please share this comic with anyone you think might enjoy it and spread the word where you can!