So hey, Naka-Kon? A blast. I didn’t go into detail yesterday, but here’s a it more.

So Friday was awesome, with some great panels and some funny and / or amazing cosplay. Saturday, though, I got to participate in a panel for the first time ever, and it was PACKED. People were standing in the friggin’ doorway, it was so packed. It was funny, though, when I went to the room with other participants and a girl yelled at me that “the line ends back here!”, with just a hint of attitude. I never got a good look at her reaction when I pointed out we were part of the panel.

Anyway, I played Professor Oak in one segment and an anti-Jigglypuff Movement supporter in another. Nailed the first one, blew my lines in the second part and faked-cried my way off stage (it worked with the segment, but I’m sure people picked up on the fact I got lost in my dialog). But other than my blunder, the whole panel went awesome. The videos were a huge hit, people were rolling on the floor, and we heard a LOT of comments about how awesome the panel was. 99% of this was due to Nicholas Kaighen, who wrote much of the script, planned the whole panel, and made the videos. You can see the two we used by clicking here; the Kanto Geographic one is the one that KILLED it, though.

The rest of the con was fun, too. I don’t normally cosplay; the only time I did it was when Nicholas asked a bunch of us to be part of Jigglypuff Awareness at Motaku last year, which got worked into the Naka-Kon panel. Since I had the shirt and my protest sign for the panel anyway, I went ahead and cosplayed Saturday with that at the prodding of the others. And I have to admit, it made it better. People kept asking for photos and I kept hearing people in the crowd saying things like, “There’s the Jigglypuff Awareness guy.” People seem more receptive to you if you’re in a costume, and though I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to cosplay unless it was to help someone else, it does make things more enjoyable.

I managed to avoid spending too much in the dealer room, passing on a huge DBZ statue that would have bankrupted me. Waaaaay too much good stuff in that dealer room this year.

I didn’t go Sunday, but even just the two days I went felt more fulfilling than previous conventions (including Naka-Kon). I think it was just because I got to do more, even if I didn’t see everything I wanted to. It was a blast.

Maybe if my numbers get high enough I’ll get a table for the comic at the next one, but that’s dependent on readership growth. We have a year to make it happen, people!

Anyway, Naka-Kon = Super Fun. I really hope Planet ComiCon moves dates next year so I don’t have to choose between it and Naka-Kon like I have the past two years.