Hey guys, welcome back! Thanks for tolerating my ‘vacation’.

I got a ton of work done, though as usual never enough and not what I planned on doing. But regardless getting stuff off my list makes J.M. a little less stressful and that makes for a better comic! It was nice not having to worry about updates this past week, but I’m ready to jump back into things.

Today kicks off a new storyline. I hope you like it. We will get to see a lot more of Gene in this one. I love Gene. It’s a crime he’s only been in a handful of comics until now.

I gotta get back to work, but I’ll try to get around to talking about the recent accusations against the Ghost in the Shell movie sometime this week (if I have time). Because… wow. Yeesh.

I also do my best to doing a few live tweeting sessions of anime if I can. I’m seriously behind on DB Super and I haven’t watched the new Digimon Tri movie yet. It’s been so long I’m getting the shakes.

See ya guys tomorrow!