Hoo boy.

That is it. I’m 100% caught up. First, let me explain what happened…

…I said a few weeks ago that the coming month (and in particular the following two weeks) would be rough and I might get off schedule. This was due to how incredibly busy the month of May usually is at work and how completely messed up my work schedule becomes. This in turns messes up my off hours, which also messes up my already messed up sleep schedule, and… you get the picture.

Anyway, what I foretold would happen… happened. I got behind. And every time I nearly got caught up, I’d fall asleep or something would happen and I would still end up being a few strips behind. But because I must stick to a “five updates per week” schedule so my stories begin and conclude on the days they’re supposed to, I absolutely HAD to make up for those comics.

Last Thursday should have been it. I had the LAST TWO late comics from the previous week 99% colored and would have had time to finish the regular updates as well. But funny thing, my computer has a nasty habit lately of randomly shutting off. No idea why, it just does it. Sometimes it will goes days, even a week, without doing it, then it will do it two or three times in a row before straightening out. It’s a bit maddening.

Well, knowing this was possible after doing a ton of work on those late strips, I hit the save button. Literally the second I hit that button the computer shut off, and I instantly dreaded that the file might have been corrupted mid-save. And sure enough it was! Everything was lost! Fortunately I have an online backup I pay for so I was able to recover the last updated file, but it was only 50% completed. Thus my dreams of getting caught up by Friday were utterly destroyed.

But hey, here we are… your four overdue comics plus Monday’s, giving you five comics to read today! I’m terribly sorry for the horrible inconsistency with the updates these past few weeks. June and July will be equally as busy but my actual work schedule should not get all screwy, so things should straighten out now.