Hey guys, sorry for the missed update yesterday. I really do owe you an apology on this one; unlike past missed updates, this one was by choice.

I’m working on a project and was really really close to getting a big part of it done. I had a choice of working on it first or the comic, and I gave it priority because I had a lot of momentum going I didn’t want to lose. I hoped I could get the comic done in time, too, but the fact I couldn’t keep my eyes open while in my chair made it clear it wasn’t happening.

And I hope you forgive me for not getting you two tonight. Again, I need to put some time to the other project and tomorrow night I’ll have much more forgiving hours to get two comics done. So Friday there will be two.

Hopefully you guys get to see this project at some point, but it all depends on how it turns out. Hell, it might be a better idea in my head than it actually is, but we’ll find that out soon enough!