Naka-Kon has finally released their panels schedule, so I finally have enough info to talk about this!

Members of my anime club decided to submit a panel this year at Naka-Kon. They’ve been working on it literally since the day after the last convention. And boy, have they worked hard.

This should be a thing of beauty. Our panel is “Pokemon: The First Fan Panel”, and will primarily focus on the first season / movie of the series using a series of funny skits and videos. I would love to show you these videos but they probably won’t go online until after the panel. But man, the guys worked HARD on these.

I’ve been asked to play a couple of parts, including starting off the panel as Professor Oak. My Oak voice is terrible. I will also be wearing a very noticeable pink shirt for another bit in the panel later. Hard to miss.

Looking at the videos and script, I think this is going to be really funny, and the effort put into it shows. Big props to Nicholas Kaighen for all the work he put into the vids.

The panel will be at 10am on March 14th in the Maple Room. If you happen to be in Overland Park, KS for the con, please feel free to stop by and say hi! I’ll be wondering around the con all three days, too, so you may see me on the floor.