…and that’s the end of “Recruitment Drive”. Next week will be single joke strips, then a new storyline!

I haven’t had a chance to get to it yet, but I promised to give some thoughts on the very first Sausomecon.

It was great! Attendance was small (about 550 or so), but for a new convention that was expected. Mike, the guy running it, did a great job making a fun con and tried to anticipate everyone’s expectations. I only have two cons to compare this to: Motaku and Naka-Kon, with Motaku being the closest in size. So we’ll go with that.

Comparing dealer room (one of my favorite areas), it was a great improvement over Motaku. There were more anime-related booths, which is nice for an anime convention, and it seemed the variety was better. I know some people still want more vendors, but for the size of the con this is realistically the best we can expect for now.

Comparing guests, Sausomecon rivaled even Motaku. Besides have three voice actresses, they surprised everyone by booking freakin’ Vic Mignogna, who definitely drew the crowds. They also brought in a live Japanese band, something I’ve only seen Naka-Kon do around here, plus added some variety of guests with game designers, movie creators, and even Jim Butcher. I wondered initially how they were going to get all of these people in, but I’ll be damned, they found a way. And Samurai Dan and Jillian returned to the KC area, regulars at Motaku. They’re always entertaining and fun.

The panels were great as well. Our anime club members had a decent pressence there, with a lot of our group doing an expanded version of our Pokemon panel from Naka-Kon, and another member holding about four or five panels on his own. He got high praise for his RWBY panel, and we got some great positive feedback about ours. We did run into a technical problem to start, but it all worked out.

Sadly I didn’t make it to Sunday, as much as I would have liked to. I’m learning this ‘new’ car of mine is quite a gas hog, and it was eating up $15 in gas to get to the con and back EACH DAY. I just couldn’t afford to do it on Sunday. I’m thinking this means getting a hotel room next time.

We have been invited back to the next Sausomecon with a promise of us being in the MAIN ROOM, which is awesome! I can’t wait for a room full of people to stare at me as I nervously recite my lines (I nailed them this time, by the way. REDEMPTION!).

I may or may not apply for booth space in artist alley for the comic, as well. I’m still a little apprehensive about the quality I’m putting out and whether it’s good enough. A lot of you guys have been reading since the beginning. What do you think? Am I con-worthy yet or do I need to give it some more time?