Hey guys!

And I didn’t get to say it last week, but thanks to everyone who checked out the comic through the ads. And special thanks to those of you who came back! You’re swell folks.

Your Monday anime video is one I just recently discovered was online. If you’ve never seen Ronin Dojo Community College DX, you should. It’s awesome. Created by For Tax Reasons, it was a funny web series making fun of anime, gaming, and geeky stuff in general.

Unfortunately for us (but good for the creators), they stopped making videos because the guys started making a little show called Steven Universe for some small time cable channel called Cartoon Network. You may have heard of it.

So for four years we’ve had nothing. The account was all but dead. Until November, when apparently the For Tax Guys uploaded a lost episode of Ronin Dojo! So here you go. Yeah, it’s been up for a few months and you may have already seen it, but I just found out about it so indulge me, okay?