I don’t care, I’m gonna watch the crap outta this show. I grew up on the original, and this one has the same studio behind it that animated The Legend of Korra. I am so in.

So after how this week has gone already, with me not getting the update finished and posted until just before work in the mornings, I’ve decided I will indeed take next week off. It’s a good time, coming at the end of this storyline and the beginning of the next one. But I need a little recharging and breathing room on my updates.

But if you miss me, you can always follow my zany adventures on Twitter as I livetweet anime and talk dumb stuff.

(Oh, and don’t be surprised if tomorrow’s update is a bit late, too. This is going to be a hectic 24 hours as I try to balance work and comic stuff. It’s possible it might even have to wait until Saturday, but let’s hope that isn’t the case)