Hey everyone! It is Monday. I hope you didn’t party too hard during Halloween.

So. The Kansas City Royals.

The freakin’ Kansas City Royals! The “no other team has had seven come-from-behind victories in one post season” Kansas City Royals! THE 2015 WORLD SERIES CHAMPION KANSAS CITY ROYALS!!!!

You might not be able to tell, but I’m a little happy. I honestly wondered for a long time if I’d ever get to see this. I’ve been following the team since 1998 and for a long stretch of years went to games, and I saw some real stinkers. I saw some confused horrible looking Royals teams. But every year, even when I felt like giving up on them, I kept hoping. You might be able to tell the Royals are very important to me.

Last year I got to go to an actual Royals World Series game. This year I got to go to an actual Royals Pennant win. Two things I NEVER thought would happen. I didn’t get to go to the World Series this year because of money, but that’s okay. Last year was an incredible season, and this year they picked up where they left off in the post season.

And now after 30 years… 30 YEARS… the Royals have finally won the World Series! This is incredible. It’s amazing. I’m going to be processing this one for a while. And when the dust settles, I can’t wait to see them do it again next year.

Dayton Moore, this city almost turned on you. Some people did. But you were right. You said to believe in the process. It took longer than planned but here are the results. Thank you, Dayton Moore. Thank you, Ned Yost. You are shoe-ins for the Royals Hall of Fame, and it’s much deserved.

Anyway, moving on…

Here’s your Monday anime video. I… don’t even… what?!