Dammit, guys. Dammit.

I am so sorry for posting this update at 8pm on a Friday. I’ve been late with updates before – doing five comics a week and having a full time job, it’s gonna happen – but this was the LAST STRIP of this storyline. I almost had it done last night, then I fell asleep.

There is no excuse and I’m furious with myself that I ended this storyline by being late. Hopefully everyone remembers to look back so they catch it. Hell, you know I’ll be reminding you Monday. But this entire day has been nothing but bad, and being late with this strip was a nightmare scenario.

So again, I am very very sorry.

Next week we’ll have the regular non-storyline strips (dumb jokes, yay!). I think I may take the week after that off to get caught up. It’s great when you have a buffer, but man you can burn through it quickly. We’ll see how much progress I get done this week before I make that call, though.