Hey guys, a little news to pass along…

Next week, rather than start the eighth storyline, I’m going to take a planned one week vacation. And by vacation, it won’t actually be much of one at all since I’ll be cranking out comics that week. There’s actually several reasons for this:

1.) My buffer is depleted, as is Blue Sky. While Blue Sky hasn’t updated in a month or so, I’ve been able to keep this comic going by hitting it the moment I get home. However, while I’ve gotten comics up, that’s led to…

2.) Comics aren’t getting uploaded in time. This probably isn’t an issue for most of you, but those checking right at 11pm CST are left waiting anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours, with one comic being about twelve hours late. I don’t like that. Plus if something happens, like I get sick or have a fun hospital visit again, things come to a grinding halt.

3.) I’d like to work on some other stuff. But I can’t because I’m spending all my time trying to play catch up on the buffer. I still owe you guys some artwork from the AniBushidoCon storyline but just can’t devote time to it, even though the artwork is drawn (it just needs to be colored). Plus other things. So I just need some breather room. Also…

4.) It’s a very very busy month for me and it ain’t gonna get better. This is typically the time in library land when things are about to get chaotic. The quiet before the storm, if you will. All this week I’ll be spending 99% of my days at schools talking about our summer program and telling kids stories. Which sounds not so bad but stories are very tiring and I ain’t exactly physically the shining example of health. The rest of the month is getting prepared for non-stop programming during June and July and freaking out whether scheduled performers actually show. I suspect there will be many days of crash sleeping the moment I get home and not as much time to do comicy stuff. So I’d like to get ahead of that.

Fortunately next week is a very good time to do this, as I have a personal day on Monday and can get a very good head start, working non-stop on comics.

I really hate taking a vacation of any kind from the comic, but I think this is necessary and good for everyone in the long run. I never did a five day a week comic before, and while it’s been working out fine so far I’d like to make sure it continues to update on that schedule. With the current storyline ending, this seemed like the perfect place to ‘pause’ for me to do this.

So again, NOT GOING AWAY. JUST GOING AWAY FOR **ONE WEEK**. I’ll have comics for you through Friday, as normal, then next week off, then I’ll be back on May 18th.

This is a good thing. This keeps me from snapping and going crazy. Nobody needs that.

Anyway, speaking of crazy here’s your Monday anime video. Gotta love the dedication of this guy: